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Panipat, Haryana, India




Panipat is one of the oldest and ancient cities of India. The History of relates back to the Era of "The Mahabharata". Its old name was Paniprastha'. Panipat has witnessed so much bloodest and especially of three destructive battles in the Past. The first battle (April 21, 1526) was between the Mughal chief Babur, then ruler of Kabul, and Sultan Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi. The second battle (Nov. 5, 1556) ended in a victory for Bayram Khan, the guardian of the young Mughal emperor Akbar, over Hemu The third battle (Jan. 14, 1761) ended the Maratha attempt to succeed the Mughals as rulers of India and marked the virtual end of the Mughal Empire.
During the partition in 1947, a large number of professional weavers from Sind, Jhang and Multan, (now in Pakistan)migrated to India. As chance would have it, they were allotted land around Panipat to settle down. The weavers lost no time in setting up looms and getting down to their ancestral craft. In 1948, the National Textiles and General Company purchased Jacquard from Joan Harlekar and introduced in Panipat. In 1980, the Shoddy Industry was introduced in Panipat for manufacturing blankets. In 1991, the Shuttle less looms were introduced. Transfer printing introduced in 1998


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